pregnancy photos i can live with

09 July 2011
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My sweet darling husband surprised me with the gift of a maternity photo session! We took pregnancy photos with Noah, and he didn't want London (yes, London!) to be left out. Although his sentiments and action behind this gift are incredibly thoughtful, the idea of a professional photo session in my current state brings on a world of dread! Firstly, and mainly because I'm a vain vain creature, and certainly not in the best shape of my life! Alas though, I agree, I wouldn't want my London to feel left out. This pregnancy is just as special and anticipated as the first.

To top my "not-feeling-so-hot-these-days" self image, I'm also extremely particular about photography. We've been so blessed to have friends with serious photo skills (we'll be working with Erica Rankin), so I don't have to worry at all about the quality of the pictures, just how I'll look in them! So, I've been trying to find some artsy maternity photos that hopefully will make me want to order prints rather than stash the finished CD far away.

In my search, I found many cheesy de`cheese of de`cheesiest pregnancy pictures, and goodness knows, I can't stand the cheese. So I think simple and heavily edited will be the way to go! Here are some ideas I've found that I think I could live with.

Photos like this seem to be favorites as I search. A close up of the belly with an intense highlighted edit.
(seen here.)

This one seems simple, and I like the idea of the flowing wrap that extends past the width of the picture. What would I use...a sheet?
 (seen here.)

Noah has got to be in a few of the pictures. I like this one with just his arm, hand and my belly. Simple and sweet. I would want the lighting done a bit different...more washed out perhaps? And I would be wearing bottoms!
(seen here.)

If I was Posh Spice, I might have something like this done:
(seen here.)

or this:
from here.

And if I was Scary Spice, I might have something like this done (ha!):
(seen here.)

Something about this one is quirky and cute. Of course I would use one of my gorgeous Anthropologie tea cups, and I would want the editing to be done much differently. Not a fan of the oh-so-obvious Olan Mills background (oh man, i can be snobby sometimes. forgive me!).
(seen here.)

Maybe something like this with some of her tiny booties in my hand instead of an apple.
(seen here.)

I like the idea of a few of my favorite baby items photographed in an artsy way.
(seen here.)

This site wouldn't allow me to copy a picture onto my post, but I like the fourth and sixth photos down from the top. I like the angle of the camera on the fourth one.  I think that the lens pointed down on me would be a more flattering shot versus peering up from beneath me. And on the sixth one, I like the close up of the belly, while using a heavy highlight in the editing process.
The second one down on this blog is interesting. I like the lighting and seems to have a vintage feel almost.

The first picture on this blog is quite sweet. The photographer has the husband in the shot too, but still a close up of their torsos. Again, with a heavy edit on the lighting.

If you have ANY ideas, please send them to me! We've got a couple weeks to go before the shoot.