diy: fabric mobiles

20 July 2011
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bff, sarah, from lovely chaos, created this diy on fabric mobiles, and as soon as i saw it, i knew i wanted one for london's room.

so finally, i reeled in dear friend missy (although reeling her in was pretty easy as she loves projects!), and we got busy. well, as busy as we could with 5 kiddos to keep an eye on while working. after two work sessions and some time working on our own, we each finished our mobile.

we followed all of sarah's tips and suggestions. the only differences are that we used wire to connect the hoops, and we added one extra larger ring than she did, so ours are a bit bigger and took a bit more fabric. we estimated that we needed roughly 110 strips of fabric (however as you'll see at the bottom, i had tons left over).

we wired our rings first:

next, we ironed and cut all of our fabric strips:

then we began layering on the fabric strips using tacky glue. we started with the bottom ring and worked our way up:

and up (only one ring left to go in this picture):

and the final product...
here's mine:

here's missy's:

i had a lot of fabric left over; however, i think i should still add a bit more to the mobile to fill it out...make it look thicker. what do you think?


overall, i'm quite happy with my mobile, and i plan to hang it over london's cradle, and later in her room (when she gets one!).
thanks for the idea sarah, and thanks to missy for creating one with me!
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Looks great, Ev! I used metal wire for the second one I made and like it better. I would definitely add more layers. I "planned" my second one quite a bit more and really like how it turned out. It's on Etsy if you want to see it. I used thinner strips in the middle of bigger ones etc. I really wanted to make you one, but it's hard to pick out fabrics for someone else's room! That's pretty personal!