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27 June 2011
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it's kind of amazing and a little depressing how quickly ones taste can change in decor. at least mine. just when i thought i knew what i liked (straight lines, pottery-barnish type furnishings), and after we invested some actual money into bedroom furniture, i find that i've shifted away from the finished, matchy look. 

in the end this really is all just too bad for me, because my husband is a believer in "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." and our bedroom set (yes, it's a "set"...sigh), is only four years old, and it certainly ain't broke. i'm sure we'll have it for a long time to come, but in the meantime, here are some designs that make me want to sell what i have and start over! (a girl can dream.)

i don't think i could be more in love with this bedroom. it is beautiful! may be i can find a headboard like this for the guest bed at least?
(source: decorology)

and this one is so sweet...i can see it as a girl's room or even a guest room.
(source: decorology)

i would never have enough confidence to put these bold colors together, but they completely work and are stunning!
(source: decorology)

this one is just sexy.
(source: decorology)

 this room is pretty busy, but i'm drawn to it (everything except the zebra print ottoman that is).

oh, and this one is so pretty! the wallpaper is such a fun vintage print.
(source: roomenvy)

i'll keep dreaming and living vicariously through the other rooms in our house!
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Wow, Ev! Great finds! I see new pins on the horizon! I love the "sexy" one. That's what I'd like to go for in our bedroom. I LOVE the huge pom pom tie backs. Sorry about your hubby. I don't envy you there. Too practical! Hmmm...who else does that sound like? :)

OH! And I LOVE the first headboard/bed frame. Gorgeous!