tacky beach towels

16 June 2011
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why is it that despite my overly picky taste, i own and use the tackiest beach towels known to man? really bright harsh colors with some sort of 80's beach scene sewn in them...oh they're bad! every summer for years i've thought how i'd like to invest in some new, not-quite-so-hidious towels, but it never seems to be a budgetary priority. one day i will make this happen! 

may be i'll get something simple like these:

or cutsie like these:

actually, plush and modern sounds perfect:
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Oooh, Evie.... I am totally & completely DROOLING over the 4 hanging in the window, under the "cutsie" category!!! OH.MY GOODNESS. Droooling :))) That makes me so happy...pretty things.Thanks for sharing & inspiring!! ;)
P.S. I am cracking up about your thoughts on your beach towel collection. I.Love.It. :D

I completely agree with Misty! Those are my fav. So anthropologetic ;) And, I too have hideous beach towels, so we can wear our shame together.

I know! What's even worse is most stores still carry those tacky beach towels. Why is it so hard to find simple ones? I actually found one for Lula at Walmart that is just white and turquoise stripes. It's VERY thin, but she doesn't know the difference and it at least it looks decent!