tale of two dresses

27 April 2010
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i can sew a pillow or a burp cloth or a blanket or something else that is either shaped like a square or rectangle, but up until recently, i haven't know how to sew much else.

however, since my wonderful sewing tutor, meg, has come into my life, i have begun to broaden my scope! she taught me how to follow a pattern, and all of a sudden possibilities came a' flowin'! hello world of sewing!

this is the first dress i've tackled.  i've learned a lot while making this garment, and i have to say, i'm proud of it.  i still need to finish the closures on the straps and a few seams on the inside, but overall, this is it.  speaking of closures, does anyone know where i can find cool, funky buttons? i'm having trouble.  my usual suspects aren't delivering (aka, hobby lobby and michaels).

project number two is this preppy little number.  this is a martha stewart idea that meg brought to me.  i love it, and although this first baby will definitely fall into the preppy category, i plan to make some funkier versions in the future. i grabbed one of matt's old dress shirts, traced the pattern, and cut.

it was so simple, which was perfect for a novice like me!

i sewed up the sides, arms and shoulders, and i still need to finish the neck line, arm holes and hem.  wish me luck!  this will be my first go at using bias tape!
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OH my gosh!!! I'm SO proud of you! These look amazing. It's amazing what you learn when you just go for something. I love the little shirt dress. It's so great reusing something. Sleeves also make great baby pants legs...no hemming necessary!

SERIOUSLY...this is NOT your first finished product. You're a rock star sewing maniac. Whatever that means! :/ You did an amazing job. Love both of those dresses. Now, you just need a little girl baby to put them on. Get busy! ;)

JUST realized the fabric in the first dress is amy butler, no? Daisy chain, no? Where did you purchase it?

yep, the fabric on the first dress is amy butler. i love her fabrics too. i get them from jackman fabrics...wish they had 40% off coupons like joanns.