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11 April 2010
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i'm doing it...we're doing it. we're going green! although, i've been much more conscience this past year about what's healthier and more environmentally sound for our family, i have felt a deep conviction about making the change just in this last month. i talked to my hubby and he's in, so we have started the slow transition to living a greener lifestyle.

so far we have switched out some of our bathing products to all organic (since our skin is our largest organ!), started using cloth napkins, instead of paper, started the exchange from toxic cleaners to organic, and we've begun buying more and more organic food. there are so many changes still to make, but i think one step at a time is the way to go for us. i have discovered that this ambition can be easily overwhelming if i try to change too much at one time.

 helpful sources:

-green babies, sage moms is a book that was recommended to me by sarah.  she said it's a fantastic handbook for how to make either small or large changes. i've got it on order, and i can't wait to read it!
-i also found this article that gives tons of practical information on what you can do to make your home greener for you and baby. i found it quite helpful!
-friend sandra just tipped me off to local harvest, a grocer here in st. louis that sells only local products.  they also have a blog, the local harvest dish, that i have already fallen in love with, and a cafe that we have already visited. our food was delicious, and matt and i both felt really good about what we had eaten!
-another blog i've followed for a while is the hungry yogini.  the author is an old student of mine from tampa, and i love her take on life and food.

it's so exciting to change things so drastically in our lives! i'm enjoying the transition, and i feel good about it. i could use some advice though.  what are some things you do to live more environmentally conscience?

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