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12 April 2010
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hi there!

last year i started my original dear london blog on wordpress, but i'm switching back to blogspot. one simple's easier! i've discovered that i need to be a bit more computer savvy in order to get the kind of look i was hoping for through wordpress, so although i'm sure this blog will be a work in progress as well, it's easier to access (since my personal blog is on blogger too) and i feel like it's more user friendly. so here i am. i've switched!

i've been pretty absent from dear london for months now, but i'm back in the "create" mood, so i hope to keep up much better now.

if you're reading this, that means you've taken time to stop by, and i really appreciate it! i love comments, and i would love for you to "follow" me. it would make me feel special! just click the follow link below.

while i'm posting, i thought i would share this idea from anthropologie.  this is one of their many amazing displays. i'm always inspired by the creative ways they use ordinary objects, like books!

photo credit: apartment therapy

my bestie, sarah, has used books all over her house as decor by folding the pages in various ways. she has hung some on walls and others sit on open book shelves. i don't have pictures of her specific creations, but here is an example of one of the most simple ways to transform a book:
photo credit: elle decoration
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