Whole 30 - First Half

22 October 2014
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This is more for my own record than anything else, but if it's helpful to someone else, then I'm happy to make it public. I know as I prepare my meals and grocery lists weekly, I peruse others' blogs to get ideas and see how other folks are taking on this Whole 30 challenge. And, it's helpful for me to actually see what I eat each day, so I like documenting with pictures.

It's not easy to do this Whole 30, but it is possible, and we're making it work. I've found that reading ingredient lists, not just the nutrition label, is eye opening. Who knew that SO MANY items have added sugar? Most bacon has freaking sugar. What? And the "healthy" foods, several of which I'm debating on working back into my diet, have some of those unpronounceable ingredients. Like Almond Milk. Who knew?! I feel like I'm definitely following the preferred and approved foods, but I think I'm probably eating a few too many fruits and sweet potatoes. And I know I'm not supposed to make coffee creamer or smoothies, but I'm doing that too.  This diet is a massive change for me, so I'm taking some leeway in order to navigate this month successfully.

Here's the first two week summary: I'm sleeping better at night and waking up more easily in the morning. I feel less bloated. Up until this week, I've felt a consistency in my energy level, but the past few days I've been tired. (Two week hump perhaps?) I've lost 6 pounds (I know you aren't supposed to weigh yourself, but I couldn't resist), and I'm happy to be back in the kitchen making real meals after a long sabbatical from healthy cooking and eating. The hard part is the amount of time I'm planning and preparing meals. Lunch is the hardest, because I have to cook for just myself, and that's annoying. Ain't nobody got time for that. So I'm cooking three full meals a day, and it's a bit exhausting, and difficult with three kiddos running around. I've got to make this part easier...just not sure how yet.

Also, I pretty much have coffee with homemade date creamer each morning, so at some point, I stopped including that in my daily log.

Picture time...

-fried eggs, strawberries, spinach and pancetta.
-coffee with date creamer
-rotisserie chicken, sweet potato, peas and avocado
-fried bananas, strawberries and cashews
-ground turkey spaghetti squash

-cashew cookie lara bar
-salad and burger with mustard
-bananas with cashew butter, almond shards, and blueberries 
-salmon, sweet potato and broccoli
-bowl of fruit with lots of grapes

-coffee with date creamer
-fried eggs, strawberries, spinach and pancetta
-date coffee smoothie (coconut milk, ice, left over coffee, banana)
-avocado chicken salad on spinach and watermelon
-ground beef lettuce tacos with roasted plantains

-fried eggs, watermelon and pancetta
-leftover beef tacos without the plantains
-bananas with cashew butter, almond shards, and blueberries 
-beef roast with carrots, onions and small potatoes

-fried eggs with spinach, watermelon and strawberries
-leftover roast with carrots, onions and potatoes
-cherry pie lara bar
-chicken spaghetti squash

-banana flaxseed pancakes with blueberries, almond butter and ghee
-Chipotle carnitas with grilled onions, peppers and guacamole 
-simple salad, bowl of butternut squash soup and veggie soup

-eggs and apples
-fried sweet potato hash with spinach and fried eggs
-kobe burger with spinach, sweet potato, red pepper and guacamole 

-blueberry lara bar, 
-fried sweet potato has with spinach and fried eggs
-crockpot hawaiin pork with greens, sweet potato fries, pineapple and plantains

-fried eggs with sweet potato hash, mango and spinach
-baked potato hash browns with pancetta, eggs, spinach and pineapple 
-ate at The Block: pork chop with mustard rosemary sauce, greens and sweet potato and bacon hash

DAY 10
-cashew cookie lara bar
-kale and chorizo quiche
-date glazed salmon with sweet potato, broccoli and cauliflower

DAY 11
-leftover kale and chorizo quiche
-lemon Lara bar
- leftover kale and chorizo quiche
-steak, sweet pot chips, avocados and tomatoes

DAY 12
-2 eggs, 3 pieces of pancetta, 1/2 apple
-small portion of butternut squash soup
-Chipolte carnitas
-banana, almond butter, spinach, coconut milk small smoothie
-grilled chicken with broccoli
-banana, almond butter, coconut milk small smoothie

Day 13
-1/4 pear, 1/4 banana
-sweet pot hash browns, 2 eggs with spinach
-sausage, potato hash with a couple slices of fruit at MO Bot Gardens
- roast, sweet pot casserole, roasted veggies
-cup of Trader Joes Apple Cider

Day 14
-sweet pot hash browns, 2 eggs with spinach
-5 cashews
-tuna with toms, olives, red onions, cabbage mix and avocado
-baked chicken salad with toms, avocado, pancetta, olive oil and red ving dressing

(Not sure why I forgot to take pics on these last few days :/)

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