The 21 Day Challenge

28 May 2012
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Eating right, working out, body issues, clothes not fitting well, feeling controlled by the sweets that beckon me...UH, I'm so sick of the worry and stress of it all! It never goes away, I'm almost never successful at sticking with a plan, and I've generally just been extremely disheartened by the difficulty these issues pose to my life. 
At probably the peek of my diet misery (this year anyway), this diet and exercise challenge was introduced to me by friend Ashley a few weeks ago.  I thought, you know this might be just what I need to get myself in gear. And so, I signed up, got the food plan via email and committed to my first ever "detox" and a very strict eating plan.  The first three days, I lost 6 pounds! Right now, I'm two weeks in and have lost a total of 9 pounds. This diet isn't sustainable long term for me, but it is completely "resetting" the way I need to view eating.  It's only a 3 week challenge, so the short term goal is motivational and doesn't feel overwhelming. I'm feeling lighter, less bloated and less guilt about my choices when I wake up in the mornings. On top of feeling better, I'm also enjoying how pretty most of my meals are. Whole foods just are more beautiful by nature. 
Here are a few that I snapped pictures of:
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Looks yummy to me! I think you'll be surprised how "icky" you feel after this detox if you try to eat something "normal" again. I had a bite of the kids' grilled cheese the other day and almost spit it out! (I used to eat grilled cheese 5-6 times a week... not an exaggeration!) So don't give up. Your taste buds and cravings will continue to develop and change which will make it easier to avoid the "bad" things! Proud of you!

This will greatly disappoint you I'm sure, but I get a treat day once a week on this challenge, and I've eaten outside of the diet on those days. And unfortunately, I savor every bite...and certainly don't want to spit it out! Hopefully, like you said, my cravings will continue to change though and one day a buttery piece of toast or a slice of chocolate cake won't be quite so appealing!