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22 May 2011
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i mean really...

there are just so many sweet options! i really love the massive rustic mirror hanging behind the dresser in the room right above. it adds so much character to the space and is completely unexpected as it juxtaposes the stereotypical wall decor of a baby's room. oh the possibilities!

after spending some time searching girls' rooms online, i think i've finally found some items that could pull my vision together.  here's what i've got so far.

and this
and these!
and this gorgeous tie back to go with the lovely curtains:
and every baby's room needs a rug, right?
and of course a sweet blanket to go with simple bedding:
and just this one more thing for now:

this is so much fun! creating a room from scratch is just a darn good time. can't wait to meet the baby girl to fill the space and really give it life.

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