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24 May 2011
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i love to bake. and a lot of the time, my goodies turn out pretty decent. what i'm not good at though, is attention to detail. 
i tell myself that i like organic, rustic looking cakes to give myself an out for the less than perfect result. or "as long as it tastes good, isn't that really what matters?" (which is such a lie since i firmly believe you eat with your eyes first!) i just become a lot more interested in the final product than the steps involved in getting there. i'm so impatient! i do, however have some friends who have much more perseverance than i do, and have come up with some beautiful creations. so lovely in fact, i have to share them.

this is missy, and she made that hunk-a-hunk of burning cake love right there. if i attempted such a feat, the 73 layers would have slid off of each other right onto the floor. hers however, turned out beautiful!

she also made this sweet circus cake for her little griffin's first birthday.
and this one she made because she thought it sounded amazing (which it does...dulce de leche cake!), and she added the paper flower on top for a little flare! isn't it so pretty?
friend shanna also makes amazing creations that i would never be able to mimic. she made these lovely detailed cupcakes for her daughter reese's third birthday. they look so professional!
and these pirate cakes she made for her son aidan's party. unbelievable!
 and check out these romantic cookie trays from bff sarah. she made all of these little delights for my baby shower back in 2008. don't you love the way they're all displayed?
and one more lovely creation from the little man dearest to my heart, my noah. he decorated his own cupcake at his friend lee's birthday party. i think it just might be my favorite!

all of a sudden i have a sweet tooth...
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Wow! Those cakes are amazing! And...ummm...dulce de leche cake? I'm gonna need that recipe! By the way, you are very creative, my friend! And everything you do is always very nice and put together!