sweet tooth

20 May 2010
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why do i keep finding these delicious recipes while i'm in the depths of project skinny??? surely there's a reason i can come up with to cheat and make these dishes!

these are congo bars. a combination of a chocolate chip cookie and a brownie!
(photo credit: bakerella)

this is my granny's chocolate cobbler. well, not my granny, but somebody's.  really, whose granny it is, is so beside the point though, because look at that ridiculous amount of gooey chocolaty goodness.  don't you just want to jump through the screen and stick your finger in that? looks so delicious!
(photo credit: tasty kitchen)

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I was just looking at that chocolate cobbler on Pioneer Woman tonight. I really need to make that soon. It looks aMAZing.

You have a lovely blog!