duke charm

24 May 2010
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i was telling friend shanna that my sis-in-law, marsa` did a fabulous job decorating for my brother's graduation party. she made the comment that all marsa` had to do was breathe on whatever she was doing, and it would come out great! i agreed.  
the duke colors are white and royal blue, which would have initially posed a bit of difficulty for me, but marsa` tackled it with charm. she made royal blue pom poms and royal blue bunting and combined them with beautiful flowers and candles. wa-lah, it was gorgeous.

the happy couple.

UPDATE:  go here for a tutorial on making pom poms and here for a tutorial on making bunting.
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Your room looks adorable. I was just wondering though, how do you make the pom poms. I'm having a friendship festival for my little girl soon and think they would be perfect x Ps - love rest of blog as well.

thanks for you comment! pom poms are great because they are so pretty and whimsical, but also a fantastic way to save money on decor. i posted links at the bottom of the post that will help you learn to make them. let me know if you have any more questions.