peach creamsicles

13 August 2010
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after finding these adorable popsicle molds at ikea this summer, i committed to making noah lots of frozen treats. i've made various forms of berry and banana concoctions and a watermelon and lime mix (given to me by friend sandra), and just last night, i came across an orange creamsicle recipe.  i felt an immediate impulse to make them because they sounded so delicious; but i didn't have any oranges or orange extract (which is apparently necessary).  what i did have though, were lots and lots of peaches, so i decided to substitute. i blended together ripe peaches, milk, vanilla yogurt and honey. 
i love how easy popsicles are to throw together. whenever we run out, i look in the fridg, see what i have and go with it. i especially love that noah thinks he's getting a real treat, and i know that i could actually serve them for breakfast!

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Yum! Can you send some my way? You're such a good, creative mother. I could definitely use some tips from you in "making my child's life fun"!